HGP Aerosol paints_Car Colour_MITSUBISHI is the most popular choice, specially designed for Car Colour, smooth nozzle, wide spread, uniformity, and you will have better control over ordinary spray. Thousands of colors are custom-made, including Undercoat, Basecoat, Topcoat ... For more control and delight with the "Do It Yourself", try custom designed HGP Aerosol paints_Car Colour_MITSUBISHI that feels more comfortable like using a professional spray gun.

This MITSUBISHI has a paint code of A31 

This TRUCK - MITSUBISHI has a paint code of PW7 (MADE IN U.S.A)

The position of color Code is usually located near the front door, Capo lid area, outside the door and trunk lid. In this case, the color Code MITSUBISHI is located as below:

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