You are a DIY, or the good paintshop is far your house, or the price of repainting is high. You want to make up your “Darling Mortor” yourself. HGP Aerosol paints_Motor Colour will satify to you. Gun Nozzle is designed with a smooth spray and large spread as spray gun. 2K computerized paint system HGP have all colours that you like.
175,000 đ
Code: 2-BX

Chọn màu sắc:

  • This is a 2K paint Refinish (Solid color does not include Metallic, Pearl, Crystal colors): fast drying, intense with excellent coverage.
  • The 2K color mixing system can accurately all of the vehicle’s colors from the original rich color ranges.
  • HGP Aerosol paints_Motor Colour can be used for all types of car paints and there are enough color formulas from the world’s Motorcycles manufacturers.
  • HGP Aerosol paints_Motor Colour will achieve the coverage with less paints than other paints of the same level. So, saving time and material costs are considerable.
  • HGP Aerosol paints_Motor Colour must be coated on the top with 1K or 2K Clear for protection.

Main component is Acrylic modified Resin and 2K computerized paint system for Mortorcycles.



  • Surface with standard coatings in good condition. The primers are coated and flattened well. Should use HGP’s primer paints.
  • Shake the aerosol can for at least 2 minutes before use;
  • Press the button on the spray head. Try on a hard cover before painting; 
  • Spray distance: 10 – 15cm;
  • Spray 1 single coat (not too wet). Then spray 1 couple coats; 
  • Drying times between coats: 3 to 5 minutes (touching does not stick);                                          
  • After 10 – 20 minutes, all of finish coating is dried completely, applicartion for 1K or 2K Clear.
Surface preparation 
            1. Clean surface with water and soap. Rinse and dry.
            2. For best results, ensure the surface is thoroughly cleaned, degreased, dried and dust free. Wipe dry with a clean cloth.
            3. Repair according to damage. Adding mattic on the scratched and roughed parts,..
            4. HGP Aerosol paints – 1K or 2K primer paints.
            5. Sand primed surfaces wet or dry with P600-P800 sandpaper, degrease and dry before applying HGP Aerosol paints_ Motor Colour.
Common Repair
  • Pay attention to the method of application.The spray must be in according to the procedure and apply coating within 20 minutes. Avoid over spraying.
Between the old and new paint layers: Apply the method of 2K Fade out Thiner.
① Coating the first of HGP Clear on over surface, spray  more over on the areas of repainting spots;
② Coating the second of HGP Clear, spray  more over on the area of repainting spots;
③ NO RECOMMENDED: Applied HGP Aerosol-2K Fade out Thiner on the sanded areas by P100 to lower the lid between the old and new paint layers that will be not finded them in polishing. ONLY USE INCASE REPAINTING.
  • Inhalation: Remove the victim to fresh air area. If rapid recovery does not  occur, perform artificial respiration and obtain medical attention.
  • Skin Contact: Remove contaminated clothing. Wash skin immediately with plenty of water and soap. If persistent irritation occurs, obtain medical attention.
  • Eye Contact: Immediately flush the eye with running water for at least 15 minutes. If persistent irritation occurs, obtain medical attention.
  • Ingestion: If the patient conscious, give plenty of water to drink. Do not  induce vomiting. If rapid recovery does not occur, obtain medical attention.
  • 2 years subject to proper storage conditions.
  • Recommended Storage Temperature: not under -5°C and over 25°C.
  • Aerosol cans should be stored for two hours at room temperature before use. For long term storage, keep in a dry well ventilated area and away from direct sunlight and frost. To maximize the lifespan of your aerosol, always invert the can and spray upside down for a few seconds after each use to clear the nozzle. If the nozzle becomes blocked, remove it from the can and soak it in gentle thinners.
PACKING: 400ML Aerosol can

The above information is provied with high reliability without warranty. For more information, please contact Customer Service:


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  • HGP Aerosol paints_ Motor Colour has kinds of rich colour. We can provide colours for: HONDA, YAMAHA, SUZUKI, SYM, PIAGGIO, VESPA,.. and even Motor PKL: Harley Davidson, Ducati, Benelli, BMW,..
  • Our expert colour team are able to mix accurate color with 2K computerized paint system HGP. (75 tinnters, 12 candy colours and 48 special colours), with code colors of original motorcycles and with information about car manufacturer, model car, manufactured year.
  • Please note that you will need to use 1K or 2K gloss coating on the paint to protect against UV rays, chemicals and achieved the same gloss as the original motorcycles. Some motorcycle colors may require three layers of paint (eg, Dream Color, transparent red of Honda Airblade, etc.). This means that an undercoat coating (white, red, silver, black, etc.) (1) may be used on the primer, followed by a spray of Candy Colour (2) and finally 1K or 2K glossy layer (3).
  • If you need to spray a new metal part: aluminum foil, aluminum spike, fish tail lid, etc., You should use HGP Aerosol Etch Primer 13483 will be required followed by a single coat of HGP Aerosol_Primer Grey 1K or 2K. In addition, some types of PP, PE, .. DO NOT stick to common primers, it is necessary to paint HGP Aerosol _Primer Solution PPPS,  then is a colour coating layer.
  • HGP Aerosol paints_ Motor Colour contains a high solid content level therby reducing solvent emissions, does not contain heavy metals or toxic solvents. makes for an excellent system for the refinishing of motorbikes.
  • HGP Aerosol paints_ Motor Colour is not a ready made paint that is produced in high volumes in the factory. This is a packed color in the customer’s order – NOT in warehouse for mixed colors. 

2K computerized paint system HGP can mix paint types:

  • Metallic and Pearl Basecoat;
  • Solid Basecoat;
  • Solid Topcoat;
  • Candy Colours;
  • Magnetic 3D;
  • Special colours.

For more information how to find a paint color code. Please call 028 71095779 or Email:




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